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About the site

The site primarily presents Assamese song, particularly Bihu song i.e Bihu MP3, Bihu video. At present viewers will find Bihu MP3 2018, Bihu MP3 2017, selected Bihu video 2018. In addition to the  Assamese songs it presents Assamese folklore including books on Bihunam i.e Bihu songs, and Articles in English on various aspects of Bihu festival and Bihu culture. It also present a huge collection of Assamese Proverbs called as  Phokora- yojona

Viewers will  be able to  download and upload all items including,  Assamese song , Bihu video,  Bihu MP3, Bihu MP3 2018, books on Bihunam and Phokora- yojona, and also articles on Bihu festival and Bihu culture

In near future, attempt will be made to upload Assamese song of  all genre and forms including modern Assamese song, modern Bihu song, traditional Bihu song in the form of  video song and MP3.  

The interested producers and artists may  upload their Assamese songs in form of MP3, particularly, Assamese MP3 2018, and preferably Bihu MP3 2018 by clicking on ‘upload Assamese MP3’ button and then following the guidelines – upload Assamese MP3. To upload Assamese MP3 one must send via e-mail mentioned in the guideline of upload Assamese MP3. Link button of   upload Assamese MP3  is  given in this page.   

Assamese song : Assamese video song,  Assamese MP3 , Bihu song, Bihu MP3  are gaining popularity at increasing rate in websites. Keeping this in view the site restructures in 2018.  

Assamese Folklore are presented in the form of Books and Articles. They  are presented in PDF form for free and easy view and download.  

The ultimate aim of the site is to promote the incredibly rich Assamese culture through various ways of publishing as well as broadcasting through internet. With this purpose, the songs in the form of MP3 are collected from various websites. The videos are sharing from Youtube by embedding URL. Should there be any complain from producers of or creator of any of the MP3 or video regarding sharing the same in this site, we will instantly delete the same. Communication in this regard may kindly be made in the contact address given below. 

All the contents of the site are available to all for FREE download, reading, and listening.

The site is at present running at the sponsorship of Asomiya Kristi Bikash Trust, established at Jorhat city, Assam, India in the year 2015. We creates and popularize Assamese song i.e Assamese video song,  Assamese MP3 , particularly Bihu song, Bihu video,  Bihu MP3, Assamese folklore

Dr Pradip Kumar Neog is the owner of the site, and he is Managing Trustee of the Trust. A board of three Directors are at the top in managing the site. They are – Dr Pradip Kumar Neog, Dr Seuji Bora Neog and Dr Sajib Borua.  All of them, and all others are running the site honorarily.


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