The site is for FREE and EASY Upload and downloads of: 

  1. Assamese MP3 – songs and  Poems of all genres
  2. e-books on Assamese Folklore
  3. Articles on various subjects of Assamese culture

Aim of the site is to provide a robust platform for:

  • FREE upload of MP3 of Assamese songs and poems 
  • Free publishing of articles on diverse subjects and topics of great Assamese culture
  • Publishing Assamese books (flipbook or PDF ) on on diverse subjects and topics of great Assamese culture by bearing minimal operational cost.

MP3 of Assamese  of all genre including Modern songs, Bihu songs, Lokageet, Tokari geet, Dehbichar geet, Ojapali, Boro geet, Mising geet, Deuri geet, Rabha geet will be uploaded. In later stage, attempt will be made to present the MP3 of various genres systematically in a classified manner.

The interested producers and artists are being requested to send MP3 of songs and MP3 of poems to upload in the site. At present, as a temporary measure,  a few hit songs published and popularized in previous months of the year, 2017 are being uploaded for FREE download. They have been collected from various sources in which they are freely available. In this regard, a disclaimer is presented so that if any concerned party or person has any objection contacts us. We will immediately delete an uploaded MP3 in receiving objection from any concerned party or person. 

e-Books on various subjects of different ethnic groups of great Assamese culture will be uploaded by receiving requests from authors. The authors has to bear a minimum operating cost only depending upon the size of  a book. At present a few books on Bihu culture are uploaded.

Articles in PDF form on varities of topic on various dimensions of great Assamese culture will be uploaded FREE if send to us. At present a few articles on Bihu culture have been uploaded.   

The ultimate aim of the site is to promote the incredibly rich Assamese culture through various ways of publishing as well as broadcasting through internet.  

All the contents of the site will be available to all for FREE download, reading, and listening.


The site is at present running at the sponsorship of Asomiya Kristi Bikash Trust, established at Jorhat city, Assam, India in the year 2015.

Dr Pradip Kumar Neog is the owner of the site, and he is Managing Trustee of the Trust. A board of three Directors are at the top in managing the site. They are – Dr Pradip Kumar Neog, Dr Seuji Bora Neog and Dr Sajib Borua.  All of them, and all others are running the site honorarily.


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e-mail : kristi.mancha@gmail.com

Call us: 9678003670


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