Singer-Lyricist: Dr Pradip Neog:: Music: Himanshu Shekhar: 2018


Assamese MP3 – 2017

Moi Dia Sithi ::: Bipin Chawdang Download

Rabba ::: Zubeen Garg Download

Nahor -Togor::: Bipin Chawdang – Gargee Download

February Mahor::: Vreegu-Kashyap-Chayanika-Akashitora Download

Allahu :::Babu Download

Chandubi-Biloloi:::Mituparna – Jitul Jumon Download

Balit Khoj Dile::: Zubeen Garg Download

A Chetia(RAP BIHU)::: Neel Akash Download

Luitor-Parote :::Priyanka-BharaliSavvi-Sabarwal Download

Hira-Hira-Doi ::: Zubben Garg-Barnali Kalita Download

Washing Powder Nirma ::Kussum-Koilash Download

Premor-Hangover ::: Babu-Baruah-_-Priyanka-Baruah-_-Utpal-Das Download

Murote_Tokoia::: Bipin Chawdang Download

Akakhore_Xuwoni:: Bipin Chawdang Download

Xaboti_Ebar_Dhora ::: Rupa Kashyap Download

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