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Pahariya_Moi::: Neel Akash Download

Nasu-Nasu-Lagi-Jai ::: Dikshu-_-Deeplina Download

Bhoga-Cycle-Rupam-Das ::::Vitali-Gogoi Download

Bihuti Namere::: Jayanta Kumar Gogoi Download

Monor Enajari :::Neel-Akash-Bornali-Kalita Download

Jilele-Jilele (remix) ::::Simanta-Shekhar Download

Bon Pitha :::Kussum Koilash, Nilakshi Neog Download

Masole_Goisilung ::: Neel Akash Download

Ki-Hol-Ki-Hol-_-Alankrita-Rupankrita-Kalita Download

A Chetia(Rap bihu)::: Neel Akash Download

Hira-Hira-Doi ::: Zubben Garg-Barnali Kalita Download

Luitor-Parote :::Priyanka-Bharali-Savvi-Sabarwal Download

Nahor Togor-:::- Bipin Chawdang – Gargee Download

Balit Khoj Dile::: Zubeen Garg Download

Washing Powder Nirma ::Kussum-Koilash Download

Murote_Tokoia::: Bipin Chawdang Download

Akakhore_Xuwoni:: Bipin Chawdang Download

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  Image to link post on Book - Peeritir Bihunam  Image to link download Book: Bihunamar Jat-Malita


About uploaded Bihu songs  

The bihu songs uploaded in this post are the selected hit songs published mostly in 2016-17. Majority of these songs are however not representing pure form of “Bihunam” sung traditionally in the different events of Bohag-bihu, the main cultural festival of Assamese people.

Even so, the uploaded songs bear resemblance with the traditional ‘Bihunam’ in terms of the unique rhythms and tunes, and in some cases lyrics. And hence, they are popularly called as Bihu songs. The traditional bihu songs were sung with several unique as well as specific musical instruments. This set of instruments are called as Bihubadya in Assamese language. In addition to bihubadya, various western musical instruments have also used in producing the songs uploaded here.  

Disclaimer regarding uploaded Bihu songs 

 The MP3 of the songs have been collected from several sites in which they have been uploaded  for free download. The main purpose of uploading the songs in this post is to widen the range of publicity of this genre of Assamese songs which is regarded as jewel of Assamese culture ( Asomiya Kristi).  will never attempt to gain any financial benefit from any songs downloaded from any site. The main aim of the post is to contribute towards greater publicity and popularity of fabulous Bihu songs of incredibly rich Assamese culture. 

If any type of owner of any of the uploaded song has any complain regarding  any of the songs uploaded in the page under the heading, Assamese Hit songs 2017   may kindly contact us through e-mail: We will surely take appropriate measures.



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