Distinctive Features of this Assamese  video song

The tune of this Bihu video song entitled as  Kola-dhanar Maya”  is based on Assamese folklore. The tune resembles particularly to the traditional Bihu songs, although slightly different from those sung in Traditional dance events of  Bihu festival. Bihu is the main festival of Assamese people. Bihu tune is magnificently fabulous. Bihu tunes not only love by Assamese people but by all – across the race, casts and communities of other parts of India.

The theme of the song is on  “Kola-dhan” meaning  black-money as well as corruption. It is elucidating majority of the ill  effects of earning “Kola Dhan” and that of indulging in corruption to make Kola-dhan . It is educative – enriched with heart touching and striking messages and proven lessons so as to motivate people to retrain from  earning Kola-dhan . Time proven proverbs of Assamese culture has been used in composing the lyrics so as to reach heart of common people.

The Lyrics of the song is unique. So far ie till January 2018 there is no other song produced in Assamese language on this theme. And, as far my knowledge is concerned till January 2018 no song has so far been produced on Kola-dhan in any other Indian languages so elaborately. It is also enriched with thought provoking words and their pictorial description on the problems and issues of hunger, poverty and drudgery on one hand and on the other hand those on the problem of obesity and over affluence. The lyrics also elucidates the relation of corruption – poverty – obesity-  how corruption of a few people affecting lives of millions of general people in India and worldwide. Further, it is a distinctive story-based video song on Kola-dhan  ie corruption and their various affects on person himself/herself, family, society and people in general. Many  scandals on corruption as well as Kola-dhan  have been published in different media including TV channels and  Newspapers in Assam and India in the year 2017. So publishing this song in January 2018 is obviously timely.


Bihu Video-2018
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