Phokora yojona -3050 numbers 

ফকৰা যোজনা ( অ -আ -২১৭ ফাকি)  Read/Download

ফকৰা যোজনা ( ই -ঔ -২৩৫ ফাকি) Read/Download

ফকৰা যোজনা ( ক- ২৪৪ ফাকি)  Read/Download

ফকৰা যোজনা ( খ,গ,ঘ- ২৬৬ ফাকি) Read/Download

ফকৰা যোজনা ( চ,ছ,জ- ২২৭ ফাকি) Read/Download

ফকৰা যোজনা ( ট,ঠ,ড,ঢ ১২৪ ফাকি) Read/Download

ফকৰা যোজনা ( ত,থ,দ ২৩৬ ফাকি)  Read/Download

ফকৰা যোজনা (ধ,ন -২২৩ ফাকি) Read/Download

ফকৰা যোজনা (প, ফ – ১৬০ ফাকি) Read/Download

ফকৰা যোজনা ( ব -২০১ফাকি)  Read/Download

ফকৰা যোজনা ( ভ- ১২৪ ফাকি) Read/Download

ফকৰা যোজনা (ম, য -২৭৩ ফাকি) Read/Download

ফকৰা যোজনা ( ৰ, ল – ১৭৭ফাকি)  Read/Download

ফকৰা যোজনা ( শ- ক্ষ ২৮৫ ফাকি)   Read/Download



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About Phokora-yojona

Phokora yojona is a word of Assamese (Asomiya) language. It means proverb. A total of 3050  number of phokora yojona have been collected from several secondary and primary sources, and presented in alphabetic classification for convenience of reading.

Phokora yojona reflects the magnificence of Assamese folklore as one of the distinct genre.  There are phokora yojona on all different aspects of  human life, and all different activities of Assamese agrarian society.  They depicts high standard of  intellect as well ITKs of  age old Assamese culture and Assamese people. Most of the phokora yojona  are contextual to  agrarian society, and bear typical Assamese colloquial expressions. However, majority of them bear relevance even in modern society, and present day too. 

Some of the phokora yojona depicts indirect meaning. Knowledge of this  very body of folklore is considered as one of the distinctive aspects of possessing command in Assamese language.

Phokora-yojona serve as distinguished literary ornaments too. Use of Phokora-yojona in any kind of literature including novel, story, scholastic article add flavor and standard to a great extent. It is necessary to learn using phokora yojona  in order to gain command in writing and speaking Assamese (Asomiya) language.

In strict academic terms phokora-yojona  cover not only proverbs but also the synonyms such as maxims, antonyms and the like.


Phokora yojona :3050 numbers
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